Price List

Acrylic Nails

New Set(includes glitter, gel polish and coloured acrylic)1 hr 15mins (approx)£32
French or Ombre A complete new set of nails which includes French/ombre acrylic 1 hr 15mins (approx) £34
Infills 2-3wks Keep your acyrilcs looking their best with regular infills to re-balance the nail. Includes Gel polish, stamping 2 nails per hand, glitter and coloured acrylic45mins (approx)£24
Nail Repair Repairing nail breaks and strengthening nails to ensure acrylics last longer looking better Per Nail£3
Removal Buff and Oil A careful full removal of acrylic nails avoiding nail damage or breaks, for a healthier, moisturised nail bed 1 hr 15mins (approx)£10
Add nail art, stamping, gems or designs Per Nail £0.50
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Toe Nails

Gel Polish (Includes glitter) Nail and cuticle shape and tidy and application of Gel polish 45 mins (approx)£20
Gel Polish and Pedicure Foot soak treatment with cuticle and nail tidy, Gel polish application in chosen shade leaving feet feeling fully pampered 1 hr£35
Gel Polish Fingers and Toes Includes cuticle and nail shaping and tidy of hands and feet, warm nourishing treatments, application of Gel polish of chosen shade leaving feet and hand smooth and pampered1 hr and 15 mins£35
Add IBX To Any Gel Polish Add on our superb IBX treatment to any Gel polish to help protect and strengthen your nails15 mins£5
Add stamping or diamontes Per Nail £0.50

Finger Nails

Gel Polish (Includes glitter + foil) Nail and cuticle tidy and warming, nourishing treatment, application of Gel polish in chosen shade leaving hands feeling fully pampered 45 mins (approx)£20
Polydip Colour or Gel Polish finish Adds a light, durable coating on nails. Perfect for those wanting to grow natural nails. Includes glitter + foil45 mins £25
Builder in a Bottle Soak-able builder gel adds a strengthening base. Ideal for growing natural nails BIAB 45 mins (approx) £25
Add nail art, stamping, gems or designs To any of the abovePer Nail £0.50
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Eye Treatments

Henna Brows Bespoke brows using the act of Henna colour create natural or dramatic brows with custom blended colour, lasts up to 6 weeks on hair, up to 2 weeks on skin. 35 mins (approx) £25
Eyebrow Tint + Wax Carefully shaping the brow, giving an overall groomed appearance to the eyebrow 15 mins£12
Express Brow Our express brow treatment includes tint, wax, trim and brow makeup with Henna tint to create your perfect arch in a blink of an eye 20 mins (approx)£18
Eyelash Tint Tinting and defining eyelashes, leaving the eye looking wider without the need for mascara 15 mins£10
Lash Lift Lashes are lifted then enhanced with tint to create the illusion of length and volume. Perfect alternative to lash extensions. 1 hr (approx)£28


Swedish Massage - Back, Neck and ShouldersA traditional massage focused on releasing knots and tensions in your upper body. Perfect to release stress after a long day in the office.25 mins£25
Full Body Swedish Massage A traditional massage with stimulating movements to effectively release knots and tensions as well as easing tired and aching muscles throughout your entire body55 mins£35
Aromatherapy Message - Back, Neck and ShouldersUsing a bespoke blend of essential oils selected for your individual needs to ensure full relaxation is achieved 25 mins£25
Full Body Aromatherapy Message A custom blend of essential oils is selected for your individual needs providing relief to exhausted muscles and stimulating the senses55 mins£35
Hot Stone Massage - Back, Neck and Shoulders Mixing massage techniques with hot stones melts away tension in upper body leaving you refreshed and relaxed25 mins£30
Full Body Hot Stone Massage Mixing massage techniques with hot stones melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and will deeply relax your entire body1 hr 15 mins£45
Maternity Massage - Back, Neck and Shoulders Designed for mothers to be following their first trimester of pregnancy. Soothe tired muscles to relax and rejuvenate your body25 mins£25
Full Body Maternity Massage Feel utterly pampered from head to toe at this special time. Specifically for expectant mothers following the first trimester of pregnancy. Soothe aching muscles, tired legs and feet.1 hr 15 mins£40
Indian Head Massage Works on upper back, shoulders, next, scalp and face. Helps reduce stress, relaxes and relieves tension. Can be uplifting and invigorating55 mins£35


WAX:ONE Premium strip and hot wax with a low working temperature. Virtually pain free
Eyebrow 15 mins approx£6
Upper Lip 15 mins approx£5
Chin 15 mins approx£5
Nostrils 15 mins approx£8
Underarm 15 mins approx£10
Forearm 20 mins approx£12
Half Leg 20 mins approx£15
Full Leg 30 mins approx£25
Standard Bikini 20 mins approx£10
Extended Bikini 30 mins approx£15
G-String 20 mins approx£20
Brazilian 30 mins approx£28
Hollywood 30 mins approx£32

Spray Tanning

Vita Liberata TanWear loose dark clothing. No make up, moisturiser or deodrant. Ensure hair removal and exfoliation is carried out 24 hrs prior.15 mins£16
Rapid Tan Wear loose dark clothing. No make up, moisturiser or deodrant. Ensure hair removal and exfoliation is carried out 24 hrs prior. 15 mins (approx) £20


Customised Facial Specialised relaxing treatment customised to your skin needs. Designed to treat environmentally damaged, problematic, hyperpigmented, interactive skins. 60 mins £40
Thermal Detox Peel 4 in 1 peel combining foaming action with thermo sensory that deep cleanses, detoxifies, oxygenates and exfoliates. Ideal first treatment or flash treatment with instant results. 30 mins £45
Bio-active Peel Active rejuvenation treatment with 15% AHA bio-active complex. Helps improve elasticity, tone, texture, radiance and skin luminosity. 60 mins £55
Pro Skin 30 Targeted skin treatment. Focus on your skin concern, be it replenishment, exfoliation or extraction. Amazing what can be achieved in 30 minutes.30 mins£28
Pro Skin 60 The ultimate treatment, customised with advanced products, techniques and technology in a soothing environment for those wanting to address all skin concerns. 60 mins£40
Pro Expert Intensive resurfacing treatment, using our professional grade Pro Power Peel to deliver dramatic results. Intensive products, No downtime, Patch test required. 30mins £55
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